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Bring Back Your System to it's Former Glory.

Powerflushing cleans your system and improves the life and efficiency of your boiler and radiators.

Sometimes the symptoms are hidden:

  • Poor heating or reduced efficiency

  • Cold spots at the bottom of radiators or some radiators not working at all

  • A noisy system pump or boiler

  • Having to frequently bleed the system

  • Leaking radiators and dirty water from the system.


If your system is suffering from any of the above problems call us today and we’ll give you the advice you need.

By having a Powerflush it:

  • Helps your system heat up faster, thus reducing your bills

  • Reduces wear and tear of the system which protects the boiler

  • Reduces the risk of your boiler breaking down.

Want to know more?

Although mostly unseen there are thousands of central heating systems in the UK that do not work to the best of their ability due to magnetite (sludge). Magnetite is a byproduct of corrosion in old or poorly designed systems.

After assessing your system we will advise you of your course of action. If you are suffering from a sludge problem, this maybe as little as topping up your inhibitor or fitting a filter but in advanced stages could mean cutting out blocked pipes, replacing radiators or pumps and power flushing.


Power flushing is a special machine which is used with chemicals which clean your system out (including radiators) without the need to remove all the radiators. Or manual flushing which is dirty and very labour intensive (costly). After all flushing, we would advise on a filter and would inhibit your system to prevent a repeat occurrence thus bringing your system back to its former glory.  ​

Powerflushing: Service
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