Cleaning the Windows

Have you ticked a gas safety check off your annual spring to-do list?

For spring cleaning garden maintenance (29%), cleaning the windows (27%) and scrubbing the oven (24%) are ranked as the top three tasks that the nation is determined to tackle.


Worryingly, when it comes to gas safety in our homes, only one in 10 (10%) are hoping to book in a safety check/servicing this spring for their gas appliances, with a third (33%) also admitting that gas safety checks often slip to the bottom of their to-do lists. 

Choose Pro-Tect to carry out your annual gas safety checks on your gas appliances.

RV Vehicle

Gas safety for caravans and motorhomes.

Gas Safe has issued guidance to people taking holidays in the UK this year in touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. The useful tips remind holidaymakers that gas safety is just as important in their holiday home as their usual home.


Gas Safe Register’s tips to stay gas safe on a touring holiday are:

  • Hiring: Ask if the gas appliances in your leisure accommodation vehicle (LAV) have been safety checked and serviced. The hirer must do this by law and is required to provide an up-to-date landlord’s gas safety record

  • Buying a previously used LAV: Ask the vendor to provide any servicing and maintenance records. If these can’t be supplied, ask about having the gas installation checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer

  • Appliances such as gas cookers or gas fires will be different from those you’re used to at home. It’s a good idea to ask for copies of the appliance user guide or maintenance instructions

  • Ask for a demonstration on how to use the gas appliances/ installation, including the storage, positioning, and exchange of LPG gas cylinders

  • Gas cookers should not be used for heating, and require adequate ventilation when in use

  • Barbecues must only be used in open, well-ventilated spaces

  • Do not block any purpose provided ventilation

  • An MOT certificate for a motorhome is not a guarantee of the safety of the gas installation

  • Recognise the signs that a gas appliance may be unsafe. Black marks or stains around the appliance and lazy yellow or orange flames could be signs that it is not working properly. Do not use them until they’ve been inspected by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

Our engineers at Pro-TectHP are LPG qualified and Gas Safe registered should you require any checks carried out in your own caravan or motorhome.


Pro-Tect's CO Alarm Advice

Reminder to check your carbon monoxide alarm(s):

  • Press the test button  

  • Check the expiry date 

  • Has it got a British standard symbol?

  • Is it fitted in the correct location

(if in doubt check with the detector manufacturer's instructions). 

Don’t take a chance...carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You won’t see, taste, or smell it.